State Partner Structures

To launch the SCF in a state, SCC first aligns with one or more non-profit organizations who will assemble and manage the state-wide consortium of other non-profit organizations. What form that consortium will take is up to those parties who organize it. That consortium becomes the State SCF Partner (SP).

State Partner Structures


1 Start as a single existing non-profit economic development entity, provided it has a means to have other non-profits throughout the state become a “member” of the consortium. 

2 Two or more entities may form a new non-profit that they will manage and which is structured to allow other in-state non-profits to join the group. 

3 A new non-profit entity can be formed by one or more individuals who have no existing organization, but who wish to take on the responsibility of forming the State Partner and recruiting other non-profits to join the effort. 

We are open to any of those options and perhaps ones we have not contemplated.  Interested parties should go here to learn more and signup.

Each State Partner will determine if they want to include in the consortium other organizations like local governments, school districts and other kinds of non-profit organizations.

The key objective is to assemble a sufficiently inclusive group able to identify all the major problems to be addressed in that state, and to assemble the expertise to create task groups that can formulate plans to address those problems and oversee implementation.

This ecosystem should generate substantial financial resources that will be used by the State Partner to address the problems identified by the consortium. To carry those out plans will require the legal infrastructure that provides the mechanism for implementation. One way that might be accomplished is by setting up a holding company as described here

In order to implement the program effectively throughout the state, most SCF State Partners will need to establish multiple District Offices to carry out the goals of the SP on a local basis.

If you are interested in helping to organize your state’s effort, setup a District Office, or participate in the consortium, please contact us.