College Students


This page is for enrolled college students (or trade school students). See the Individuals page for the basics that apply to all individuals, including students and teachers.

It is well recognized that getting some form of education beyond high school can have long term positive financial benefits. Yet these days it is becoming harder and harder for those lacking deep family pockets to afford to go to school. Therefore, UEN has designed an initial program to provide a bit more assistance to those whose are trying to pursue those paths.

In addition to the default signup bonus of 10,000 units of vouchers that every new account holder will receive, we will provide an addition 10,000 unit bonus to enrolled college or trade schools students. Beyond that, we will also provide them with a monthly scholarship grant of 15,000 additional units, while they are still in school.

To sign up and receive a one-time grant of 10,000 units of your state vouchers plus a monthly scholarship grant of 15,000 units, students are required to enroll using the below Create Your Account button.  When you select that button you will be taken to the UNIEX bank site where you will be required to provide the normal account holder information required of all new users, plus the school you are enrolled in, your major, year of study and school email address.

Once enrolled you will be able to buy and sell goods and services on your state’s marketplace (see Postings).


Besides the financial benefit to the students described above, there are other reasons why we have focused on college students. One of our chief goals in deploying the SCF program is to help lift up regional economies throughout our country, as broadly and as rapidly as we can. The more people that join in that effort, the greater the benefit for all.

The whole system becomes vital and healthy the faster we can make it grow. That led us to look for large blocks of individuals who could be motivated to join en masse. College students represent such a group. And given that most college students today have grown up in a digital world and are already familiar with alternative payment systems (Remitta, Paystack, Flutterwave, PayPal, etc.), they can become natural adopters helping to lead the rest of society in embracing the concept. As a group, they will require little convincing, unlike many older adults.

Fortunately there are some long standing examples of college students that have successfully used voucher-like systems at their colleges. We have captured those examples and built on them to establish a coordinated program that can be launched at individual schools and colleges. See this detailed document for more information. It provides a roadmap how students can join forces on their campus to establish mass adoption.

So, let’s get you started. Click on the below button and get involved.