How To Get More Vouchers

There are multiple ways to obtain more vouchers in your account, including purchasing it, earning it, selling something for it or having it given to you.

Below are more details on the ways you can get more vouchers.

  1. Purchase it:
    1. The most direct way you can obtain it is to purchase it from the UNIEX bank here.
    2. You can also purchase it from the national Sustainable Communities Framework Nigeria website or your local SCF website such as https://enugu.scf.ng.
    3. You can also purchase it from your local marketplace such as https://enugu.uniexmarket.ng/.
    4. You can purchase it from participating: merchants (SMEs), non-profits or local governments, who post notices that they accept the vouchers for goods and services (SMEs), donations (non-profits) and fees and taxes (local governments).
  2. Earn it: any participating SME, non-profit or local government can compensate individuals (in whole or part) for performing services (work) for them as:
    1. Employees or
    2. Contractors
  3. Sell something:
    1. Every individual can sell goods and/or services either directly between parties or by posting them on their local marketplace. When using the local marketplace, the listing party can receive vouchers in exchange for selling goods and/or services. In addition, they can also receive a bonus just for making a posting.
    2. All participating SMEs who sell goods and/or services can receive the vouchers as compensation in whole or part for the sale of those goods and/or services. They can do so in their establishment, on their website or on the UNIEX marketplace.
  4. Grants and gifts. There are numerous ways in which individuals and organizations can receive the vouchers, such as:
    1. Basic income grants
    2. Child, elder and health care grants
    3. Scholarship grants to students and education grants to teachers
    4. Startup grants for both for-profit and non-profit organizations
    5. Infrastructure grants to local governments
    6. Grants to clean up the environment and address pollution, etc.