In order to participate in this new financial ecosystem, individuals and organizations need to establish an account on the UNIEX voucher banking system. It will allow them to buy and sell goods and services, in person (such as in a store), or on their online marketplace, and participate in a variety of programs that utilize that voucher, such as scholarship and education grants, work programs, startup grants and more.


Start by clicking the Create Your Account button below. This takes you to the UNIEX bank website, where you will enter similar information to that required by a conventional bank when setting up a checking account. Please note that we have special programs for individuals that are students or teachers. If you are an enrolled student (or trade school student), go here. If you are a primary or secondary school teacher, a college professor, a trade school instructor or a teacher’s aide, go here.


UEN  will then assign an account number and deposit 10,000 units of the vouchers (corresponding to your state) into your account, which you are free to spend as you choose.


Next, UEN will email you additional information that includes: ways to obtain more of vouchers, how to post items for sale on your state’s market place or buy items listed by others (see Postings), print out a QR code tied to your account that you can present to merchants and others when making purchases using your vouchers (functionally similar to an ATM card), and perhaps most importantly, your own personal referral code that you can give to your personal network to get them to sign up and establish their own accounts.