An Online Marketplace

A fundamental element of a voucher ecosystem is a place where users can purchase goods and services, ideally online. We have created a hybrid of JijiCraigslist and eBay, taking the best from each.

Craigslist is actually just an advertising site. Interested buyers and sellers can connect there, but any purchases take place offline. A key upside is that it lists goods and services available locally, but the downside is that credit or debit cards can rarely be used to make the purchase.

eBay offers items that can be purchased online using cards and digital payment systems like PayPal, and on a more limited basis, wire transfers from U.S. banks. However, unlike Craigslist, those purchasable items can come from just about anywhere, and almost always have to be shipped to the buyer.

Since our vouchers are regionally based (each state has its own vouchers), purchases will almost always be made locally. That requires an eBay-like trading platform that is regionally centric like Craigslist. Our state-based marketplaces allow for the neighbor to neighbor sales online using our vouchers, plus the bonus of being able to use credit and debit cards to purchase more vouchers if needed. 

Posting on the Marketplace

To ensure that buyers have something to buy, we have developed an incentive program that pays users to make postings. If you posting an item or service for sale on your local marketplace, we will give you a voucher bonus just for making the listing. Users will have to sign up and create an account on UNIEX and then log in to their marketplace to make postings and buy items.

The bonus is tied to the value of the item being listed. All vouchers in Nigeria are equal to the Naira and each will have its own unique name. For example, in Enugu the voucher is called the IKE.  For convenience we are using the label “units” to represent all vouchers in Nigeria.

Listing Price Bonus
1,000-5,000 units 200 units
5,000-10,000 units 1,000 units
10,000-15,000 units 2,000 units
15,000-25,000 units 3,000 units
25,000-50,000 units 5,000 units
50,000-100,000 units 10,000 units
100,000+ units 25,000 units