Not-for-profit Organizations (NGOs)


Not-For-Profit Organizations (NFPs – or NGOs) represent a special group that UEN wants to help in the SCF financial ecosystem. NFPs/NGOs include all non-profit, tax exempt organizations (registered with CAC) and state and local governments, school districts, etc. Unlike for-profit businesses, NFPs/NGOs rely primarily on donations, grants and tax revenue rather than for-profit income, and as a result are usually underfunded, while providing much needed services.

UEN has arranged to have NFPs/NGOs sell their state vouchers and thereby earn an even larger commission than SMEs. UEN will pay them a 40% commission, plus a matching amount of the vouchers, for an effective commission of 80%.

And NFPs/NGOs can recruit SMEs to join the system and thereafter if that SME makes a sale and earns a 30% commission, the recruiting NFP/NGOs will get a 10% override on those sales.

For more details on the scope of the NFP program, seeĀ this document. If you are a not-for-profit organization (NGO) and would like to take advantage of these special arrangements, click on the Create Your Account button below and we will contact you with further instructions.