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voucher-bankWhat is Universal Exchange Nigeria (UEN) and what is its purpose?

UEN is a program of Universal Exchange Inc. (UNIEX), a wholly owned (U.S. based) subsidiary of an American economic development non-profit organization (NGO) called the Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC).  SCC is being assisted in Nigeria by the Michael Sauvante Care Foundation (MSCF), a Nigerian-based NGO that has contracted with SCC to implement the Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) program in Nigeria and its companion voucher banking system, Universal Exchange Nigeria (UEN). SCF is a comprehensive economic, environmental and social development system, owned and operated by SCC. 

MSCF will help use the UNIEX voucher banking system and the SCF development program to help lift up communities all across Nigeria. This website is a portal to that voucher bank, providing information about the types of accounts that can be established on UNIEX Nigeria and other useful information.


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Who is Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC), the owner of the UNIEX banking concept implemented by UEN?

What is a voucher bank?

What can the vouchers be used for? The Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF)

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