Social Media Affiliates

Social networks represent a potential significant source of revenue for those who have built up a number of contacts in their personal network. For those interested in monetizing their networks — to their own and their network contacts’ advantage —  here’s how.


 Universal Exchange Nigeria is a Nigeria- based economic development non-profit organization that has licensed the UNIEX banking system and the Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF) from Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC), a U.S. non-profit organization. See the UEN home page and view this 4 minute video to understand what money really is. 

The SCF was designed to bootstrap local economies state by state. It addresses many of the growing problems that government, big business, philanthropic groups and others are failing to address. 

The entire SCF program closely resembles elements of the proposed U.S. Congressional bill called the Green New Deal (GND) in that it assumes that to effectively address all those problems, we have to develop an integrated economic, environmental and social solution that serves all of society, not just the wealthy few. The key difference is that the GND would be a top down, nationwide government program, funded by the U.S. federal government with US dollars. In contrast, the SCF is a bottom up, grassroots solution that can be deployed in the U.S. and around the world. It is driven by we the people and funded by our own money (called a complementary currency). What does that mean?

To deploy the SCF, each state will establish a coordinating entity we call a State SCF Partner, that will be responsible for managing all aspects of the SCF Program in their state. To support that effort, each state will have two websites managed by that State SCF Partner. One will be a dedicated social networking site, to coordinate all the SCF activities in their state. That site will be a sub-domain of https://scf.ng such as https://enugu.scf.ng for the state of Enugu. The second will be a marketplace where goods and services can be obtained using that state’s complementary currency. That site will be a sub-domain of https://uniexmarket.ng such https://enugu.uniexmarket.ng for Enugu. 

The root of most of today’s major problems is the common thread of insufficient money to pay for all the things we need. The thing is, lack of money is not a bug in the financial ecosystem but a feature.  This three part article Money – It’s Not What Most of Us Think provides a more in-depth exploration of money and what we citizens can do to get more of it, and builds on the core concepts outlined in the short video listed above. We explain where money comes from today, how that creates scarcity and how we can issue our own money to solve our own problems.

The single biggest hurdle that any group will face in launching their own currency is to get a sufficiently large enough group of individuals and businesses to accept the currency as “real money” and therefore viable for conducting commerce in goods and services.

There is one group that most easily embraces new financial concepts (PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc.), and that’s Millennials and younger. They are also the heaviest users of social media and can most easily be reached via those channels. That community is also the most environmentally, economically and socially aware, and who acutely recognize the need for fundamental change if humanity is to survive and thrive.

One subset of that group has demonstrated for over two decades that they get the idea of complementary currencies and naturally treat them as a viable alternative means of commerce among themselves. College students, as demonstrated by long running programs at several universities described beginning on page 5 of this document,  represent a concentrated group of potential adopters, and the concepts that apply to them equally apply to others in their age range.

One problem those students in the  have encountered is conveniently finding goods and services they can purchase using their complementary currency. To address that problem, SCC will be deploying the above described trading platform. It will resemble a hybrid of Craigslist (local advertising only – no online sales) and eBay (can buy goods and services), where items listed can be purchased using the local currency rather than with Nira.

* Note, each state will have its own complementary currency.

By providing a trading platform, UEN will provide an answer to one of the most commonly asked questions about the use of a complementary currency: “If this is money, where can I spend it?

To see how we have established our whole system, take this Guided Tour. And when you are ready to get started,  Go here to sign up.

Who Would Likely Adopt This?
How Can You Help?


The most effective way that SCF can positively impact our society is to get large numbers of participants to use the currency in their state. Few tools rival social media for reaching large numbers of people and motivating them to adopt a cause or pursue an objective. 

Individuals who already have networks of contacts and followers are in an ideal position to help promote this concept and help all of us to help ourselves to a better future. In the process, those promoting the SCF can also earn money for themselves, primarily by monetizing their networks.

This entails the use of a concept called affiliate marketing. SCF promoters would encourage their networks to sign up to establish a complementary currency account in their state (like setting up a checking account) and receive a bonus in the form of 10,000 units of the  local vouchers. Thereafter they will be encouraged to purchase a certain amount of the currency (either one time or recurring).


To facilitate the above described marketplace, we want to get users to post a listing of goods and services on their state website. To incentivize them to do so, we will be providing complementary currency bonuses just for making a listing, let alone the revenue someone will make in making a sale. See this Postings page for a full description on the details of making a posting and the bonuses that can be earned just in making one or more postings.

When a reasonable number of posters have signed up and made one or more postings for their marketplace, SCC and the SCF State Partner will then turn on their state-based marketplace for the exchange of goods and services using that state’s currency. That way users will have a certain amount of goods and services available for a purchase when the marketplace goes live. 

* The launch represents the date in which the trading platform goes live and enable transactions in that state’s currency. The timing will be driven by the number of users reaching a point where the system can be self-sustaining. Each state will be different due to population and other factors. Leaders in their respective states will determine when is the right time to turn on their system.

With respect to making purchases on the marketplace, we anticipate that buyers may need to have more of their state currency in their account in order to make a purchase. To facilitate that, buyers will be able to acquire additional currency using credit cards, ATM cards and PayPal, and over time other USD based systems to purchase more currency online and to place it in their account. Thereafter they can then make a purchase using that state currency.

What Can You Earn?


SCC has designed a program to encourage anyone and everyone to recruit others to join the UNIEX system, setup an account, get a signup bonus, make purchases of their state currency and use that currency to carry on commerce in their state, thereby helping to lift their regional economy. That recruitment could be limited to a few family and friends all the way to hundreds of thousands of prospects, based on an existing extensive social media network of the referring party.

In any case, one of the key ways we will encourage anyone to recruit others is to pay them a commission for each new account holder who signs up (regardless if they are an individual, college student, teacher, etc.) in the amount of 10,000 units of the  local vouchers.  That occurs whether the recruiter Enrolls another party or provides them with a Referral Link and signup themselves (see the Guided Tour referred to above).

Next Steps


You first need to register with us. That means setting up your own complementary currency account for your state. In the process you will obtain your personal affiliate marketing URL. Go to the Sign Up page.


Next, you’ll  develop your plans for promoting the concept to your network(s). You may freely use our webpages and any documents we have on our website. 


You may also create your own promotional material. However,, you cannot represent those as being from Universal Exchange Nigeria or Sustainable Communities Corporation. 
You do not legally represent us and we will not be liable for any claims, representations, exaggerations and other assertions that you make to others. Please be careful for your sake and ours to only represent what we have publicly represented.